Saturday, February 17, 2007

Under construction: Blanc et Noir banner by Talbot & Robert

Not that this has to be the only banner, but it's what we've got for this year. It has several themes happening:
* ecclesiastical - this could almost hang in a monastery's refectory.
* African - obvious inspiration for the almond-shaped mask head.
* Egyptian - there's a double ankh in the eyes.
* art - this is no mass-market banner.
* self-explanation; it's all white & black.

Schedule for the 18th:

* 1:00 - decoration of the Underwood pickup truck with banners, etc.

* 1:30 - group photos, toasting, listening to the band warm up.

* 1:45 - gathering of the tribe.

* 1:50 - B & N rolls up Creswell.

* Lunches being served by Columbia Cafe on Sunday will be Grits & Grillades (pork over cheese grits in a tomato-based sauce) in a box ($7.00).
No serving at tables.