Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blanc et Noir sets dates and royalty for the Shreveport Times deadline

Jennette Ginsberg, Shreveport
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2010 B & N Queen is Ms. Jennette Ginsburg of Shreveport.
The B & N King for 2010 is Mr. Lee Spruell of Shreveport.
B & N Capitaine is Mr. Jerry Davenport of Shreveport.

Events subject to modification (call 861-1519)  . . .

Twelfth Night Brunch
Sun, Jan 10, 1 pm
Chef Orlando Chapman's Brother's Seafood to Go
(318) 635-1641
$8 - $15; Dutch treat.

Carnival Costume Workshop
Sun, Jan 31, 2 pm
710 Texas St, Shreveport

Blanc et Noir Marching Society parades in the Krewe of Highland Parade with the Red & Black Brass Band
Krewe of Highland Parade
Sun, Feb 14, 2 pm

$50 per person and $100 per family, annually
Send checks to Blanc et Noir Marching Society
912 Monrovia St
Shreveport LA 71106

Monday, November 16, 2009

If you liked the Highland Blues & Jazz Fest, you want to join Blanc et Noir

Blanc et Noir subscribes to the brass band philosophy: play your horns loud and funkily enough and the dancin' world will follow.

Above: partiers Sara Hebert and Jackie Morales of Shreveport.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

Wild Man - Mohawk Hunters on Sper Sunday, Central City New Orleans 09

Thanks to skeletonkrewe's Chris for documenting the Crescent City during this important phase of its life.

On this wild man you'll notice a grass skirt of Spanish moss. In the Shreveport area I encourage B&N members to gather such material along the shore area of lake Bistineau.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Le Krewe D'Etat wooden nickel - a possibility for B&N

Le Krewe D'Etat
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If you like the idea of the wooden nickel throw, drop me an email - It has been a long while since I checked on prices, so I have no idea about the expense.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

acrobate: amn example of the elaborate and elegant floats seen in Carnavale in L'Italia

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A friend in the Piedmont region of Italy posted this along with snaps of floats festooned with elaborate papier mache figures. The effigies on Italian floats are amazing.

I believe that these were human gymnasts who were to perform as they were paraded.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carnival in the Crescent City: a night parade by the krewe of Ancient Druids

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Chris of the Skeleton Krewe caught this rare photo of the Ancient Druids heading to their floats.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The 'Mardi Gras Marching Clubs' pool on our brethren in New Orleans

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You'll be inspired by the hue and breadth of raiment offered by our marching brothers and sisters in the Crescent City when you visit

Sunday, February 15, 2009

From our friends the Skeleton Krewe of New Or Leans: Pussyfooter & a Skeleton

After the Lyons Club rehearsal, it says. I'll have to look up this seemingly wacked Lyons Club.

Cycling the Centaur parade route in Blanc et Noir style

A number of us cycled the Centaur parade route. Thanks to Maurice Loridans for Cyclovia energy (if you google, spell it ciclovia) and to Ken Berg for throwing it down by assembling riding mates James and Molly for a jolly time.

Talbot did my face paint before the trek and it reminded me that good coverage and clean lines in a face paint job takes maybe 20 to 30 mins.

There are a lot of swell variations on the blanc and the noir that you see here. I may change my pattern for parade day.

Have you already got a design you like? Or maybe have chosen a mask? Photo to post here? Send such to and I'll post it.

Monday, February 09, 2009

How to print a logo on fabric: make a repousse design with foam plate and pencil. The artist Jerry Davenport has always got a technique to aid your creativity.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Society's costume workshop 09 Sun, Feb 8, 1:30 to 5 pm, at Artspace

Please plan to bring all your own materials to the Blanc et Noir costume workshop on Sun, Feb 8. While everyone shares their glue, staples, felt and glitter, it is best to count on your own resources. The great sharing comes from ideas and skills. For instance, Jerry Davenport is a quick and expert letter painter, Stuart Orchard is a gifted letter cutter, etc.

The krewe is indebted to Tarama Davenport, who is education manager at Artspace. She has made arrangements for the session. By the way, Artspace manager Byron Gipson and staff member Zach Williams are also members of B & N.

The phone at Artspace is 673-6535.

Angie White, vp for Northwest Louisiana Economic Development Foundation (NLEDF) will bring a videographer to the workshop to capture some of the krewe's vibe for a promotional film about life in NW La. Ms White will also shoot the krewe jiving in the Krewe of Highland parade on Sun, Feb 22.

The workshop is the only true meeting of the krewe. Traditionally, we have the 12th Night meal and the costume workshop and the parade and c'est tout!

B & N funds flowing sweetly - merci beaucoup!

venice carnival
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Delighted to say that the financial footing for Blanc et Noir is good for 09. Thanks to the generosity of members as well as several anonymous gifts in the Big Shot category from friends, the basic expenses are assured.

Big Shot contributions of $100 or more -

Lee Spruell
Tarama & Jerry Davenport
Robert & Talbot Trudeau
Marion & Ginger Marks
Zama Jones Dexter
Elysse and Stuart Orchard
Tim Marshall (new member)

Also paying annual dues -
David Henington
Ernie Roberson

New members -
Rachel Stuart-Haas, husband David and son, Liam

Monday, January 05, 2009

Blanc et Noir brass band fund half way; $400 pledged

Blanc et Noir is hot. We've received 4 pledges that qualify at the Big Shot category of $100:

- Lee Spruell
- Robert & Talbot Trudeau
- Elysse & Stuart Orchard (plus an additional $30)
- Anonymous

Keep it coming. We need $800 to pay the band. And $200 for the Krewe of Highland.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Please read and promulgate!

Fellow anarchists,

Blanc et Noir Marching Society needs your participation in 2009. We will lead the Krewe of Highland parade on Sun, Feb 22, and want you with us in at least one of 2 ways:

a) financial support
b) feet on the street

We need to raise the $800 to pay the Black & Red Brass Band from Grambling plus $200 to the Krewe of Highland for membership and parade fees.

While the suggested membership fee is $30 per adult, we really need an array of sponsoring people. That would include those who can march but cannot afford the fee (no problem) or who can pay, like $10. We also need a gang at the Big Shot level, which is $100.

As you may know, this krewe is integrated by age - from the stroller-borne to septuagenarians - by ethnicity and notoriety. So lose your inhibitions, s'il vous plait.

First 3 pledges for 09:
- Lee Spruell, $100
- Robert Trudeau, $100
- Elysse and Stuart Orchard, $130

Send me your pledges or checks at 912 Monrovia St, Spt 71106. I send receipts and will account for all monies received by posting donor's names and amounts (unless you say no) on the B&N web site.

In the event that we don't raise the thousand bucks by 2 weeks prior to parade time, we will punt - all monies to be returned - and try again in 2010.

Let us sup together on Twelfth Night at Monjuni's, La Ave. That's on Tues, Jan. 6, about 7 pm. Email or call me if you're planning on it.
272-6045 c / 861-1519 h

with hugs,
Robert, Talbot, Jerry and Tarama

Saturday, January 03, 2009 parade 1 pm, Sun, Feb 22, grand bal masque on Fri, Feb 20

Please see membership and parade application forms at

Blanc et Noir fees will be $50 for membership and $150 for insurance for our walking group, says krewe captain Terry Gill.

Please send money pledges to Robert immediately!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Round cash money! Blanc et Noir needs to raise $1000 by Sun, Feb 8

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Blanc et Noir needs to raise $1000 to march in the Krewe of Highland parade, 2009.

Fees due to the Krewe of Highland are $200, says Terry Gill, captain of the krewe. The Red & Black Brass Band gets $800, says Daryl Williams.

Raising that sum will not be easy. If we do not collect a thousand bucks by Feb 8, I will cancel the band and return everyone's money.

We will then try again in 2010, I hope.

Email me with your contribution pledges as soon as possible. Any amount will be satisfactory, though we need like nine people to hit the $100 mark. See more at

I'll be paying $100 this year.

Btw: Zulu first paraded in 1901, acc to It took the name Zulu in 1909 and first tossed a coconut in 1910.