Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Krewe of Highland Parade video: first 5 minutes of the Blanc et Noir and Red & Black second line

Please enjoy the video of Blanc et Noir and the Red & Black in their Krewe of Highland parade 07 debut.

Have learned a number of things about matching iMovie editing to the YouTube format, such as X-nay on the scrolling credits. Font's too small.

Eventually - maybe in June - I will have time to upload other parts of the debut march. And maybe re-edit the credits on this one. Everyone's name is in that list, btw. Except Bob Thompson, the clarinet player.

From the Spike Lee movie sessions: the requisite UM-brella

The requisite UM-brella
Originally uploaded by Nola Nik.
One day a moviemaker in this area is going to say "Let's recreate a bit of the Crescent City in downtown Shreveport" and members of Blanc et Noir, I'm sure, are going to be cast as dancers. I better register our web site with the talent agencies to make sure they don't overlook us.

Finished the opening segment - the first 4 minutes - of the B & N parade video. It should be on Youtube at the Trudeau11 site by Thur morning, Mar 22.

I'm planning to lightly edit a few more segments and eventually add them to the Youtube catalog.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Indian marching societies roll on the Crescent City Super Sunday, too

Super Sunday 2007
Originally uploaded by skeletonkrewe.
The Indians gather on Mardi Gras day and on the Sunday closest to Saint Joseph's day called Super Sunday.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Trudeau & Marion Marks, followed by clarinetist Bob Thompson and Andy Snelling as caught by KTBS; there's a video clip, too

B & N as caught by KTBS
Originally uploaded by trudeau.
KTBS, Channel 3, did a nice promo on Blanc et Noir in advance of the Krewe of Highland parade. Alas, Lois McFarland may have gotten her parade-stopping illness by her promo duty. We were on site with Rick Rowe and the BBQ Krewe at 5 am on a d*mned cold morning. We did short segments in frigid wind until after 7 am. Regrets, Lois.

On the KTBS website there is a section called the ArkLaTex Blog and under Mardi Gras you will find clips of the Krewe of Highland parade. When B & N and the Red & Black New Orleans Style Second Line Band went by the Channel 3 camera, we were taking a break. The krewe looked sharp nonetheless, if I may say so.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blanc et Noir pre-parade pose / photo Kylie Donley

It certainly is nice that these parade photos continue to surface. Thanks, Lois and Kylie.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Photog's son, Adolfo, under the shade of Panderina's umbrella

The Mardi Gras Parade
Originally uploaded by killy.
While Blanc et Noir brought a lot of neat umbrellas to the Krewe of Highland Parade, the one that catches my eye over and over was made by Panderina Soumas. It was simple but highly effective in its eye-catchingness.

Talbot, banner maker, was responsible for a lot of the small color-panel umbrellas. She brought numerous extras to the parade and passed them out. She even had enough left over to give to the mayor and his wife as they sat baking in the sun in the Caddy convertible.

Photo by Killy Chavez.