Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daryl Williams, leader, Red & Black New Orleans Style Second Line Band, says . . .

Red & Black 07
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On behalf of the Red & Black:

It was a honor to march for the Krewe of Highland parade on Feb 18th. We want to thank you for everything.

There were people dancing and singing with the band as if they really could feel the music! We were shocked to see so many
" Shreveporters " knowing the words to some of the " New Orleans 2nd Line " songs!

Everytime we stopped, someone in the band would run into someone who knew or have heard about other 2nd line bands based in New Orleans. They all said that they were happy to see a 2nd line band in Shreveport.

Also, we were had a chance to meet, " Katrina Victims " that were displaced and had not seen a 2nd line band in a very long time. It was a great feeling. Once again, thanks and may god bless you.

Daryl Williams, aka BASEBONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" You ain't ever seen no Redtrombone before "

******** ********

The Red & Black payment check was for $725. I added $25 on the site because they were on time. Plus, they brought 10 musicians. Wish I could have done more.

As we passed Centenary College we picked up a little cooler from Centenary's Carla Alsandor. In it were hotdogs for the band, wolfed down at parade's end. Merci, Carla! I'll return the box soon, promise.

Also, Matthew Linn fed the Red & Black his box lunches from Columbia Cafe. He promised that to help us sweeten the negotiations. Merci, Matthew!