Sunday, February 11, 2007

Daryl Williams, leader of the The Red & Black New Orleans Style Second Line Band, Grambling

"We were called on, at the last minute, by the Krewe of Janus on last night tp play the parade that started at 6:00 pm. We blew up Monroe last night! The people went crazy!

At every single crowded spot in the parade, when the band stopped, our police escorts had to control the crowd from dancing with the band in the streets! I thought that I was in New Orleans again!

As soon as I get the name of the Grand Marshall and the king, I will let you know.

For the KTBS show I plan to bring 6 members to Shreveport - on the 14th: Snare and Bass drummers, 1 sax, 1 trumpet, tuba and myself on bone!

In the group photo, left to right, are :
trumpet: Joe Knowlin
snare drum: Broderick Eggins
tuba: Keith Sanders
tenor sax: Youl Phillps
bass drum: Kirk " Big " House
sax: Jordan Smith
trumpet: Brian Mitchell
trombone: Daryl " Basebone" Williams

I might have another Trumpet player for the Krewe of Highland parade, but I am not sure yet. Anywho, we will have 7 or no more than 10 players on Feb 18. Brian Mitchell is my alternate 2nd trumpet player.