Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blanc et Noir medallion production at the last hour before parade time

B & N 07
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Adolph Trudeau, Amber McCarthy Trudeau and Carolina Chavez with daughter Paola oversee Talbot's inspired spin-off from the B & N banner: mask medallions made of felt that were pinned on some members' jackets.

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In the meantime 3 more checks arrived.
* Barbara Meyers, mother of our 13 year-old cowgirl marcher, Mary Meyers, paid $25.
* Zama Jones Dexter, our red-coated marcher, paid an additional $25.
* And in the mail on Fat Tuesday was a check from Annette Simmons of Greensboro, NC.

Ms. Simmons is planning to return to Spt after many years away. She plans to buy a house in Highland and be an active member of B & N. Simmons has enjoyed marching parades from NYC to Oaxaca, Mexico, so she understands us. Merci, Annette!

All checks collected by B & N have been scanned (obscuring the acct #) so that a record can be verified. I'll send copies to finance committee members Tara-Ma & Jerry Davenport and to treasurer designee Sheri Underwood.