Sunday, February 04, 2007

Society organizational discussion: how to enhance communications andlook ahead

New Orleans, February 2005
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Like many charter members, Sheri Underwood (426-0419,, has been thinking about how to improve and enhance the krewe.

She writes, "Since we have Lois as the secretary perhaps we should also have a president, vice-president and treasurer. The secretary would work hand in hand with the pres. and vice-pres. in getting info passed along to members. The treasurer would obviously handle all member's dues, but would also pass that info along to the secretary. She in turn would have a list of current members.

I thought we could put together a welcome pack for new members with the our history, current performance schedule (when possible) and meeting times.

In the future I thought we could see about having small banners for members to display at their homes, or maybe lapel pins to wear to identify them as Blanc et Noir members. That could also be added in the welcome pack.

What do you think about membership drives starting around Oct.-Nov? Not sure if that would work, but wanted to pass it along.

What about fundraisers to help with expenses?

Another thing I wanted to mention was having membership info at the top of the blog. THat could be the first thing prospective members see when they log on. That way they know who to call, email, etc., to join. (Trudeau's note: I followed her suggestion and changed the top of page today).

I saw the entry from Ernie regarding a video on youtube. What do you think about starting a myspace page? We could add photos and videos and it would be another venue to get out information about the group. And it's free!!!

How much more money do we need to pay for the band?

When do we want to decorate the truck? I assumed on the Saturday before. Do I need to bring the truck to you or do you want to come to my home?"

Thanks, Sheri, for bringing up matters that I'm sure almost everyone would like to see discussed and worked out. This week I'm to open a bank account for B & N but if there were a treasurer, I could turn over the checks for that operation and focus on numerous other matters, such as member recruitment and communicating with the musicians.

Hopefully either Jerry or Tarama Davenport or Sheri Underwood will be willing to take the job. Please email me your responses at

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