Monday, February 12, 2007

Observations from the Krewe Of Highland's Ernie Roberson, the newestmember of B & N

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Ernie Roberson rides the LSU float in the Krewe of Highland parade, thus he won't be able to join B&N on the street. Like many people, however, he is watching B&N with glee and has sent a check for the $25 membership. Thanks, Ernie.

Says our back-of-the-parade cohort: "Read the recent posts on B&N blog. Good, positive thinking about organization taking place which means the members are beginning to see the future on the marching society. I like the myspace idea. B&N and the Highland Krewe needs the boost.

I was told by someone I encouraged to come to the Highland Parade last year who had no idea about Mardi Gras that they will be on the route this year. I mentioned the B&N second line which really took some explanation. I finally said, "just wait and watch for the marching society."

I like the comments of "making" Mardi Gras and using creative talents instead of buying everything. Sure made me think toward some different ideas for next year's parade.

Logo is a great example of local talent and local artists contributing to the bloom of ideas. Creativity brings joy and breeds more creativity. It enthuses all who are near its warmth.

Did we get any skeletons so far?? I was hoping we might entice a few parading skeletons but that may be part of the growth next year.

Thanks so much to all of those who have worked on this idea and made it a reality. This will be "homegrown" style Mardi Gras and we need to add that splash to the local parade scene. Thanks for being part of the Highlland parade."

Ernie Roberson
See Ernie's web site on eBay at vuky14.