Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blanc et Noir sets dates and royalty for the Shreveport Times deadline

Jennette Ginsberg, Shreveport
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2010 B & N Queen is Ms. Jennette Ginsburg of Shreveport.
The B & N King for 2010 is Mr. Lee Spruell of Shreveport.
B & N Capitaine is Mr. Jerry Davenport of Shreveport.

Events subject to modification (call 861-1519)  . . .

Twelfth Night Brunch
Sun, Jan 10, 1 pm
Chef Orlando Chapman's Brother's Seafood to Go
(318) 635-1641
$8 - $15; Dutch treat.

Carnival Costume Workshop
Sun, Jan 31, 2 pm
710 Texas St, Shreveport

Blanc et Noir Marching Society parades in the Krewe of Highland Parade with the Red & Black Brass Band
Krewe of Highland Parade
Sun, Feb 14, 2 pm

$50 per person and $100 per family, annually
Send checks to Blanc et Noir Marching Society
912 Monrovia St
Shreveport LA 71106