Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Matthew Linn, of Krewe of Highland & Columbia Cafe, says the City of Spt has approved our marching plan

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Matthew Linn is both proprietor of Columbia Cafe and founder of the Krewe of Highland. When I announced the formation of Blanc et Noir, he immediately offered: "Robert: you can parade with the Krewe of Highland and not have to worry about insurance or police expenses." I was very, very happy to have his help.

Today, Jan 9, he reported that the City of Spt Mardi Gras Task Force has approved our plans.

Here are the details:

* No police escort for B & N needed because we have no motorized vehicle.

* We will arrange for a help vehicle to be placed early in the K of H parade in case a marcher sprains a foot or dislocates a sacroiliac.

* B & N will start our march at Columbia Cafe at 1:45. Please be there no later than 1:44. The K of H parade will roll at 2 pm.

* The rhythm of the K of H, says Matthew, is "Go about 4 blocks, then stop. Goes another 4 blocks, then stops. Go another 4 blocks before tarrying again. Etc, etc." Therefore B & N can stop for drinks and show-off whenever we please.

* Police will barricade the east-west streets early; probably about 1 pm. They will actually close King's Hwy as the parade nears its end.

* K of H parade route:
- North on Creswell all the way to Herndon.
- Right on Herndon. Go east. - Right on Highland, south to Olive.
- Olive St east to Centenary Blvd.
- Centenary Blvd south past Centenary College
- across King's Hwy. Centenary becomes Gladstone
- past the Joyce house as Gladstone curves and intersects Gilbert.

* Fete de Highland festival takes place in Columbia Park following the parade. B & N will be expected (yet not mandatory) to visit the fest.There, people will ask us questions about how to join the krewe, etc. BTW, Bruce Flett and band, A Train, are the Fete entertainers.
- B & N should have an info card to give out.