Tuesday, January 16, 2007

B & N Costume workshop at Artspace, 710 Texas, Sat, Feb 3, 11 to 2

...but not a drop to drink.
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Costume Workshop: Sat, Feb 3, at Artspace - 673-6535 - between 11 and 2 pm. Please bring your own materials, coffee, and lunch. We'll have carnival music and a 1 pm Q and A with Capitaine Trudeau and le Roi, Jerry, and la Dame, Tarama Davenport.

Blanc et Noir members must costume and - somehow - mask.

It's a minimum requirement. But it is in keeping with the Carnival traditions we strive to honor.

Costuming is part of the show that we offer to the public. They want to see something stimulating. We want to entertain. We bring the sense of pageantry, of uninhibitedness, that is shown by wearing a costume.

The hordes are dressed in jeans and motley caps and think that a mass of beads around their necks equals being in the Carnival spirit. Ha. If they could only visit a Caribbean island and feast upon the masked and becostumed masses.

Carnival offers people a time to let go, to de-stress, to act out, through changing one's identity.The traditional theme is that of opposites. The old dress in diapers. The young don a wrinkled mask. A naughty girl dresses as a nun. A straight girl dresses as a hooker. A poor man becomes a King. A wealthy man dresses as a pauper. A sober man costumes as a jester. A joker gets up as an FBI agent. A fellow dresses like a lady. A girl costumes as a guy.

Carnival offers a liberating challenge for everyone. It says "Dare to become someone different for a few hours."