Monday, January 29, 2007

Costume Workshop Sat, Feb 3, 10 to 1, at Artspace; band chosen; Ch 3live Feb 14

* The Costume Workshop & bring-your-lunch party (sodas avail. at Artspace) will take place at Artspace Sat, Feb 3 from 10 am to 1 pm.
Trudeau and Davenport will give a brief Q & A on Carnival and the second line. Trudeau will show slides of carnival worldwide.

* The African-American History Parade will take place on Milam and Texas Saturday morn and we expect the streets to be crowded with parked cars and spectators. It's a huge parade, says Tarama. Parking near Artspace may be difficult if you don't arrive early. We are anticipating watching part of the parade from the 3rd floor windows of Artspace. While we eat lunch, perhaps.

The annual African American History parade, with floats and bands, begins 11 am at the Municipal Auditorium with the grand stand located at the courthouse on Texas Street. For more information call 318-635-2923. 11 a.m.

* We've got a hot band for our parade debut! They are called the Red & Black and are based in Grambling. Leader Daryl Williams is a former New Orleanian who knows exactly what we want. Our friend Bruce Gay told Bruce Flett about their awesome appearance in the Ruston Peach Fest parade. I've signed a contract for $700 (they're an 8-piece band). To help cinch the deal, Matthew Linn, founder of the Krewe of Highland and proprietor of Columbia Cafe, will feed the band complimentary grits & grillades & coffee before the parade.

* Krewe members are invited to Columbia Cafe to do a Ch 3 live shot w Rick Rowe on Wed, Feb 14. Yes, that's Val's day. But Sonja Bailes asked me to do it and how can we gracefully say that we'd rather not spend the first 2 hours of Valentine's Day with the been-around-the-block Rick Rowe? You see my predicament. Sonja says, "The first camera segment hits at 5:15, the second at 5:45, the third at 6:15 and the last one at 6:45. We could probably have your musical group arrive around 5:20 a.m. to be in the second segment and then have you hang out with us until the last segment. You'll be 'cut free' by 6:50 a.m. or so, since I know you have to go to work." Red & Black leader Daryl Williams and a couple of his musicians may be able to make the drive from Grambling to appear with us.

* An update on all the memberships (we're calling members "sponsors") will be presented Sat.

* Now that we've got the band - but won't have a photo of them til Friday or so - I'm going to sell the stick out of memberships. We are going to have an enormous joyous noise on the street. There may be heart attacks in the audience from sheer joy & exhiliration and from surprise at hearing the real deal.

* My daughter, Annabel, coming up from Clear Lake, Tx, for the parade, will shoot video. Hope we have several people shooting. This, my friends, is a historic event.

Please enjoy watching Jerry Davenport second line at Artspace.