Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blanc et Noir: make your own pins, Tshirts, felt medallions and posters

B & N mask 1
Originally uploaded by trudeau
Blanc et Noir is a krewe founded by a group of artists: Robert & Talbot Hopkins Trudeau and Jerry & Tarama Davenport.

Thus the emphasis is on original and artful costumes and paraphernalia.

Here's one design created by the Trudeaus that you can use on jackets, posters and pins. Download it by following a link back to and above the photo, click All Sizes; there you will be able to download the image.

But you are certainly Not required to use this motif. If you create a design - Jerry Davenport has his own, which was used on lots of jackets last year - please send me a photo of it.

At the Costume Workshop on Jan 15 (site tba) I will show you how to make a freezer paper stencil to paint designs like this one atop black Tshirts or what have you. My daughter Annabel and I are going to do a run-through tomrrow.