Friday, October 26, 2007

Sun, Feb 3, 08, is the Krewe of Highland parade - whether the B & N continues will be based on raising membership numbers and dues money, pdq

Maggie Martin of the Times called today and asked for a B&N press package no later than Nov 30. The Times will run their carnival overview on Dec 23, she said.

I've emailed Daryl Williams in Grambling, leader of the Red&Black Brass Band, with an inquiry.

When I last talked to Tarama and Jerry Davenport and Sheri Underwood I was discouraged about the recruitment work that lies ahead. But I've gotten my attitude back.

If we all work at it, we can make the $700 that we - approximately need to pay the band and have a big time.

What do you think? Are you in for 08? Can you get 3 or more additional members at $30 dues?

Of course, some people will support it at a higher level. Marion Marks came in at 100 bucks and them invited some cool friends to march with us. Great idea.

Drop me a line at and pledge your support for 08, brothers and sisters of the cloth.

And Happy All Saints and All Souls.