Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blanc et Noir is rolling again . . .

Revelers of the Blanc et Noir and those who'd like to join us,

Happy to say that some members and supporters have given the club an immediate vote of confidence.

Hearty thanks to Nan Massey, David Henington and the King of Highland 08, Bruce Allen. See their encouraging messages below.

Also answering the call was New Orleans jazzman Steve Allen - former Katrina-refugee-Shreveporter - about the possibility of a Crescent City band for our parade.

Robert, You can count on the Massey family to support your endeavor. I am not sure what we owe ($30.00 x 3 = $90.00)? nan

Robert, I will mail in $30 dues. Where to and who to make the check out to?
David Henington

Robert, I'll also join at the $100 level and lend my support as King of Highland XIII.

Bruce Allen
Bruce's Yard & Art Studio
2200 B Barkesdale Blvd.
Bossier City, LA 71112

No money required at the moment, but welcomed. What we need now are pledges of support.

Checks to . . .
Robert Trudeau
912 Monrovia St
Spt 71106

Questions: 318-861-6809 or