Saturday, October 27, 2007

B & N's Marion Marks recommends that marchers toss the new Krewe of Highland doubloons

Writes charter member Marion Marks: "We also will be "on board" - am waiting to hear from Matthew Linn about doubloons for the Krewe of Highland - I recommend that those be the trinkets we add to beads or whatever we carry as throws. I'm ready to place an order, but need to know how many we need. It's actually getting close to order time."

At the moment, Marks has only a ball park figure of some $100 per 500 doubloons. There will be an update next week.

Would any of you like to split an order with me?

Says Marks, one side of the doubloon says Krewe of Highland, 08, and the flip side has a logo and the theme for Highland parade number 13: Very Superstitious.

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