Sunday, January 08, 2012

News from the Blanc et Noir Marching Society 12th Night gathering

Ivy Elise Johnson and Carl Anderson are queen and king of Blanc et Noir 2012 and were so inaugurated at the 12th Night lunch. Also attending but not in photo was Marion Marks.

In business discussed today -
- Invitation from Bev Paige to march in Krewe of Harambee parade downtown on Mon, Jan 16. We would second line aside a brass band or marching band that's in the parade. Stand by for more news.

- Printing of invitation cards to enhance efforts to bring more people into the krewe and parade. Marion Marks will vectorize the mask logo so that print products may be made.

- Would you like a party at Naked Bean / Centenary Tavern near parade time? It is being planned by Lee.

- A passionate presentation about Blanc et Noir will be delivered on Tues, Jan 31, at CoHabitat as part of the first TEDx Red River region talks. The speaker will be Robert Trudeau.

- A request for a KTBS News First segment on B&N has been sent.

- Pre-parade breakfast at Strawns on Sun, Feb 19, as organized by Lee Spruell. All welcome.