Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do we want a driver? Shout from Emma and Sherry of the K of H

From the Krewe of Highland jefes -

"Hello fellow parade goers!

The driver's meeting will be this Wednesday, February 1st, at 6 pm at the Highland Center on Olive Street.

We call it the driver's meeting but it is often helpful if some of the members of your parade party are there as well since some of the information is for the drivers and some is for the parade participants.

If you still owe us some money, bring your check books.

Thanks for being so prompt with your parade applications. The police were WAY impressed with us this year.

There is a general parade information link that is up on the website and you can print a parade application which has the same information if you prefer to read it that way."

See you there,
Emma and Sherry

Robert Trudeau volunteers to attend the Wed meeting. I welcome fellow B&N members to join me. I will pay the K of H fee (please see above) from monies currently collected.

Don't hesitate to call me about anything at 272 6045!