Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blanc et Noir Twelfth Night lunch 08: Lee Spruell, Tarama Davenport, Zama Jones Dexter / Shreveport

Zama Blanchard Jones Dexter, charter member of B&N, has renewed her commitment with check and attendance at the 12th Night lunch.

Zama is a highly competent painter and active traveler. Talbot says Zama is a "Shreveport native with roots in Dixie, free-thinking and well-traveled. And she's a terrific artist."

Zama's paintings have been shown at Montessori Art Auction and tons of places. She has private commissions from California and Louisiana.
She is also known for her sharp wit and insight into the foibles of life and politics.

Zama has childrean - and grandchildren - in Shreveport, Houston and Richmond, Va.