Sunday, January 04, 2009

Please read and promulgate!

Fellow anarchists,

Blanc et Noir Marching Society needs your participation in 2009. We will lead the Krewe of Highland parade on Sun, Feb 22, and want you with us in at least one of 2 ways:

a) financial support
b) feet on the street

We need to raise the $800 to pay the Black & Red Brass Band from Grambling plus $200 to the Krewe of Highland for membership and parade fees.

While the suggested membership fee is $30 per adult, we really need an array of sponsoring people. That would include those who can march but cannot afford the fee (no problem) or who can pay, like $10. We also need a gang at the Big Shot level, which is $100.

As you may know, this krewe is integrated by age - from the stroller-borne to septuagenarians - by ethnicity and notoriety. So lose your inhibitions, s'il vous plait.

First 3 pledges for 09:
- Lee Spruell, $100
- Robert Trudeau, $100
- Elysse and Stuart Orchard, $130

Send me your pledges or checks at 912 Monrovia St, Spt 71106. I send receipts and will account for all monies received by posting donor's names and amounts (unless you say no) on the B&N web site.

In the event that we don't raise the thousand bucks by 2 weeks prior to parade time, we will punt - all monies to be returned - and try again in 2010.

Let us sup together on Twelfth Night at Monjuni's, La Ave. That's on Tues, Jan. 6, about 7 pm. Email or call me if you're planning on it.
272-6045 c / 861-1519 h

with hugs,
Robert, Talbot, Jerry and Tarama