Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Welcome new B & N members Ken Womack and his friend, Plus One

Yoga at the Y: Ken Womack
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Got some good news for the marching gods and goddesses of Blanc et Noir.

We will be joined in the parading by my friend and yoga instructor, Ken Womack. He is a generous, fun-loving businessman who knows his history and hustle. Tall and preternaturally limber and fit, he is a martial arts devotee as well as yoga teacher.

Have also heard from Daryl Williams, leader of the Red & Black New Orleans Style Second Line Band. Williams, of the red bassbone, says the band's repertoire and appearance have been burnished since last year. They are looking forward to playing for us again.

I am in negotiations on the price, which was $700 last year.

Williams and 3 of the Red & Black players will appear at the Highland Jazz & Blues Fest, to be held at Columbia Park on Nov 17. They are members of an ebullient bar band from Ruston called the Zillionaires.