Friday, December 15, 2006

The second line answers the universal need to dance

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People got to dance. And a marching society can help them by parading with a brass band. Parade watchers become dancing participants for a while when the band goes by.

At the Dec 14 meeting:
Didn't get any photos of the Blanc et Noir meeting at Festival Plaza, because my hands were full of umbrellas and so on. But Times photographer Shane Bevel got some for Maggie Martin's Dec 31 Times story on local krewes.

Steve Allen and son Chandler played sax and trombone. Steve was art director, suggesting a compressed composition to the photog that was probably the best of the session.

Bruce Flett brought his trombone and son Jake as well as a life-size cardboard Elvis. Marion Marks dressed in a 70's vintage caftan and was happy to be able to get it on over his clothes. Eric Gipson dressed in lab coat and carried a molecular sculpture as part of his Mad Scientist schtick. Matthew Linn brought his Cheshire cat smile and stuck with us through the shenanigans. John Blake, Caddo Magnet High trumpet player, came along with Chandler Allen. Ron Hardy, alas, came aong after things were wrapped.

Last night I got a buzz from Lois McFarland who said she would take a look at helping me with organization. I need help managing people and phoning participants before meetings and Lois may be the helper that will take the energy up higher.

Next meeting will be Sat, January 6, at 1 pm. It will be held at Brother's Seafood. In fact, Tara-ma and Jerry Davenport are making arrangements for the little extra room for the lunch, which is pay-as-you-go.