Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blanc et Noir Marching Society joins Krewe of Highland parade Sun, Feb 18, 2007

The Blanc et Noir Marching Society is Shreveport's newest addition to Carnival as observed in Protestant North Louisiana. Designed and built for those who love brass band jazz and the traditions of Catholic, Creole New Orleans, the society will march the Krewe of Highland route on Sun, Feb 18, 07.

Dancing - second lining - will commence when the krewe hears the bass drum and snare drum of the 5-piece brass band. Members will probably toss some sort of charm to the crowd - we call them "throws" - but will not be required to do so. Costumes will be wild, we assume, and perhaps wooly. We leave that to the inspiration derived by the members at krewe suppers and from their globe girdling research.

At the moment we are busy making plans for the Dutch treat suppers and such.

Dues for charter marchers will be $25. The principal expense, by the way, is the band's fee.

Those with deep pockets may decide to take a charter membership level called the Louis Quatorze. That will cost $100.

Marching society members will get a copy of How To Mardi Gras, a proclamation that declares their official and blessed anointing by Le Grand Fromage and their photo and bio on this site. We are looking into having a laminated All Access hang card for members, too.

Make checks payable to Robert Trudeau, for he's one of the true arbiters of Carnival canards and the founder of the Blanc et Noir.

Send your queries to

Allons danser!